Infection Drugs

Why You Should Never Take Monistat and Other Yeast Infection Drugs

You have probably heard this from natural health practitioners, girlfriends or in health journals, but is this true? After all, won’t drugs instantly cure your yeast infection? Unfortunately, this is not the care. Pharmaceutical drugs will not cure your infection; what you have heard is absolutely right. Yeast infection drugs ironically make your infection more resilient and make it harder for your body’s immune system to fight off. This is why people who take yeast infection drugs they are most likely to have a reoccurring episodes of infections. Their body is having a very difficult time fighting off the fungus a second time around.

Here’s another shocking piece of information – other drugs especially steroids, birth control pills and antibiotics will also make you more susceptible to developing a yeast infection. Antibiotics change the balance between populations of microorganisms and this can ultimately lead to a Candida, and thus yeast infection overgrowth. Also antibiotics eliminate both the bad and the good bacteria together. Without a healthy population of good bacteria in your body to fight off other organisms, other problems will inevitably occur.

With birth control pills and steroids, it is again the altering of your body’s natural microorganisms. The hormone levels changes in your body, changes the organisms in your body, and make areas such as your vaginal tissue more susceptible to a Candida infection.

In all, if you are looking to eliminate your yeast infection, it must be done naturally and without the use of drugs. Drugs are a part of the problem, not the solution. Cutting out sugar, which feeds the infection and eliminating environmental factors that weaken your immune system will greatly improve your chances of fighting your infection and prevent it from reoccurring. Spread this information and make sure you and your girlfriends never have to get another yeast infection again.